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Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome New Year 2013, A new beginning for Investors

New Year, new beginning for all. The year 2012 had been a good year for many investors, mixed with a lot of good as well bad news. In fact series of bad news dominated some of the good news in the world's third largest growing economy after China and Brazil.

Year 2012 witnessed a series of corruption charges against congress led UPA government which consisted of 2G spectrum scam, coal block scam and many more. But the stock market performed quite satisfactory gaining 25% in the year 2012 as compared to 23% loss or decline in the year 2011.

Both the indices performed quiet satisfactorily in the previous year, however some of sectors performed very badly which includes telecom sector. The main reason for this was nothing but the 2G scam in the presence of telecom minister A Raja under whom authority 2G licenses were issued in the year 2008 at throw away prices. DB realty was largely hit by this, sine DB realty (JV between UAE’s Etisalat and Swan Telecom) had bought the licenses and sold 45% stake to UAE's Etisalat at exorbitant prices and that was the actual Market prices of 2G spectrum at that time. After that Supreme Court cancelled 122 telecom licenses which were issued by former telecom minister A Raja in January, 2008. That was a shocker for telecom sector since all companies together had invested 35,000 to 40,000 crore rupees for getting those licenses.

However not every sector performed negatively, there were some of the sectors which outperformed the SENSEX and NIFTY in the previous year. One of best sector which outpaced both SENSEX and NIFTY was Airlines which witnessed 185% increase compared to the year before it that is 2011.

From the Aviation sector, Jet Airways rose up by over 260%, while Spice Jet zoomed by 385%, that's really huge gains.

We wish you luck for year 2013 and we will continue to give you best of Fundamental Calls that will benefit you in all way. Keep in touch and stay updated.


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