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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Best and Shariah Compliant Stocks for 2013

Here we are giving you after screening the best 3 stocks from Cement, Pharma and IT sector. The companies are fundamentally strong companies and also Shariah Compliant for the ones who do not want to do Unethical Investing.


We recommend a buy on ACC Ltd. at Rs. 1420 with a target price of Rs. 1750 for medium term.


We recommend buy on Dr. Reddy's Laboratories at Rs. 1903.3 for a medium term target of Rs. 2352.


We recommend Wipro to buy at Rs. 399.2 for a medium term target of Rs. 491.

We have detailed report on performance of these companies. If you need the report please email us at stockbouncers@gmail.com, and we will surely send you the same for your satisfaction.


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