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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Titan Industries LONG TERM point of view : Dont Buy, Counterview.

I would suggest from desisting in buying this stock that is greatly over valued when compared with industry standards. Reasons for this :

  1. Watches are not viewed as an important piece of everyday product. I mean how manyof us actually wear watches?
  2. Titan has achieved an Operating profit margin increase of just 0.05 %, and thats pathetic.
  3. While other players like HMT ,TIMEX are struggling with HMT in loss and Timex just scrapping at .16 rupee per share how is Titan achieving 6.7 per share? Aggressive advertising which is further reducing its operating margins.
Sales are growing but are not sustainable in a market where Chinese players provide the same quality at half the price.

Then the question, why are big research houses advising otherwise? Because they think a increase in stake to 8% by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a good sign. No it isnt. They are big players, following them could land small investors in trouble.

Note : The view expressed here by our Equity Researcher Mr. A. J. is for LONG TERM point of view. Recommendation to buy this stock given in the previous post was for short term as a Technical call and not a fundamental call. We expect the price of Titan share to go up till 286 in short term, however if we study the growth of the company in detail based on above research then one can definitely see that there are limited upsides in this particular stock in the Long Term.

Disclaimer : Authors will not be responsible for any loss. Invest at your own risk

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