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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You can still make out of this volatile market

Hi guys
I am sorry for a post after 4 days since i was busy with my summer project.
OK so what we have today to serve. I am really sorry that i forgot to tell you about a stock which really outperformed the market which is Karuturi global, This company is into agricultural activities overseas.
This stock is in rally since the managing director spoke about their future plans on NDTV Profit. I still advice you to accumulate this stock for long term as well as for short term.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not a stable market

Now the market will show a lot of ups and downs this week and also the coming week so plz wait back before u invest .but people who invest for a short period can take little risk....and can earn a bit on intra day

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not a good Monday!!!!

As I said the day before about the volatility index it happened exactly. Now this is the good time to accumulate some stocks to earn on short term basis. Today sensex is down almost 400 points. This is the normal scenario that if the market slashes so much it will recover atleast 200 points tomorrow and almost all the stocks will gain atleast 2% tomorrow. Now what we have to do is buy these stocks listed below today before the market closes may be at 3.30 pm and sell these stocks tomorrow when market opens green.

1. Bliss GVS Pharma
2. Gujrat NRE Coke

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watch Out The Market?????

The recent Europe crisis eroded the funds of the investors be it Indian Or FIIs. The market is still not out of the Europe cyclone which gave the market hell lot of ups and downs. What is to watch out for the next week? The market is going to show a downfall because the VIX(Volatility Index) has gone up. VIX is the measure of market volatility in the near future. On Friday many Indian investors and FIIs bought Nifty Put Options which indicates that investors are certain about the downfall in the Nifty.
And from this we advice you not get into the market at this moment you can wait for a week or so and can get the following stocks at the lowest level which can give you a handsome return.

1. Ashok Leyland
2.Gujarat NRE Coke