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Friday, March 8, 2013

I am away from stock market, what to do?

Its been so long I posted my last article on How much one can earn through share market? These days I am spending my beautiful time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that is the reason I was away from Indian Stock Market. But you will ask me have I left investing in stock market, NO I have not. But these days I am not able to track stock market changes to a bit extent. Since investment in stock market is about patience and long term investment. That is why I am relaxed and not much worried about my money which floating in stock market. See my previous article on Long Term Investment.

We believe in giving quality investment tips which should be fundamentally strong. Flooding stock tips on daily basis just for the sake of it is not good. And that is the reason you will not find stock tips on a daily basis on our blog like others do. Always remember investing in fundamentally good companies will fetch you positive returns in future.
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You must have come to know which I had said in my last post that its not certain as to how much money you can earn or you will always make profit. It all depends upon your patience and long term commitment in stock market. Take the examples of my previous stock recommendations on Rallis India and Va Tech Wabag, both of the stocks are trading down these days. Rallis India is hit very badly. But fundamentally both the companies are strong. Rallis India posted a 16% sales increase however the profit was impacted by a negative currency effect. These triggers are global and not domestic. The company is doing good and in the long term you can expect good returns out of it.

Keep one FUNDA in your mind which is you have to be patient and your approach should be long term. We are sure there is no one who can beat you except GOD in stock market if you follow this approach. So stay tuned and keep visiting our blog for more investment tips and ideas.

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Please share any investment ideas you have with us in comments so that other readers will get benefited. Thanks for reading good luck.