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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Much Can I Earn Through Share Market?

This is the question many people have about making money from share market. Many websites assure people for earning a lot of money from FOREX market or from Futures and Options also called as F&O market. But always remember there is no term like EASY MONEY in an Investors dictionary. Delete this term or phenomena from your dictionary, it is impossible to earn money easily and if you get to hear something like that, never ever go for that.

Think logically, if there were ways to earn money easily then everyone would have been a millionaire, isn't it? But you will tell us that you have really earned from these kind of EASY MONEY making techniques like FOREX, F&O and Short Selling of shares etc. Yes we agree that many people or investors in these segments must have earned a lot of money from this but the big question is that "Have they always made a profit from their investment?" The answer is a big no. In stock market you can’t predict accurately the movement of the market since there are triggers which can blow the entire stock market in seconds.

Like in September, 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers led to stock market crash where the Indian stock market lost its half of the value in both the indices which is Sensex and Nifty. For your kind information we would like to inform our readers that this had not happened immediately but the majority of the economists say and agree that the Real Estate Bubble was building since the year 2003. So you can imagine it took almost 4 to 5 years to burst that bubble of Real Estate Boom in United States of America and who knows that there is another bubble or stock market crash is waiting to burst. Hence there is no way you can earn only profit while trading or betting in stock market through these routes.

Beginners in stock market will lose a lot if they don’t trade cautiously. Many a times you will make profit out of these routes but remember you will definitely get a big shocker all at once when the greed will take you over to earn more profit out of these and one day you will left with nothing. Trading or betting in these segments of F&O, FOREX market needs a lot of experience.

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And that is the reason why big companies have dedicated team of economists to predict the fluctuations in US Dollar rate or other currencies they are associated with. Like many IT firms like TCS and WIPRO get affected by fluctuations in US Dollar, while YEN creates an impact on Maruti Suzuki stock price. In short if someone says or a website promises you to make money in hours or days, they are bluffing and you should be cautious before opting for such schemes. You take any example when many websites tell you to make money quickly by just giving 1 or 2 hour of your time and promise to make thousands of Dollars a month, isn't it? You just Google it down and you will come across thousands of these kind of Easy Money making schemes.

What is more important is that you should have patience in the stock market after investing. The profit you earn on your investment in share market is the reward you get for serving the waiting period in the stock market. That means you will always earn profit when you invest for long term. Intraday trading or short selling are just ways of betting in stock market.
Many beginners when they start investing in share market always try to earn quickly by doing intraday trading in stock market and this is what majority of beginners do while they debut at stock market. But always remember many successful investors like Sir Warren Buffett never earned through betting or intraday trading. Their huge pockets are the result of patience and long term investment in stock market.

Never ever go for intraday tips since many of these tips are based on rumors. Since cartel of traders control the price and when the stock is reached at certain level they start selling the stock and small investors like us lose a lot of money which goes into the pockets of these big traders.

What you should look for is a fundamentally good company. Companies which are classified as Mid caps or Large Caps based on their market capitalization. Look for short, medium and longer stock call or tips of fundamentally good companies. Like we give you fundamentally good companies stock tips. Like we said it is not necessary that you will start earning immediately if you buy these fundamentally good stocks. It may happen such that the stock price of these companies start declining after you buy it. Yes it happens, but what you need to do is have patience and stay invested. Just remember and make your mind of investing in stock market for Medium to Long Term, we challenge and assure you all our readers that you will never ever lose money in stock market. You will always earn profit in long term and better than those big traders and manipulators who control the prices of those penny stocks.

So keep visiting our blog for Fundamental stock calls and investment tips and ideas for better and healthy investment in stock market.

We will be please to have your comments and feedback on this if we have missed some other points and ideas. You are welcome to post your experience is stock market and share you idea and story with us.

Best of luck to all.