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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to earn in this volatile market

What to do now when the markets are uncertain.

As per IIFL predictions SENSEX will cross 20000 by the year end. So what about after that, it may break the lifetime high limit or may fall below current levels, who knows? Since the overall confidence in EU in negative, since EU zone countries like Greece may collapse anytime if bailout didnt correct the irregualrities. What to do, here is the better if not best answer.

Invest for short to medium term. I will give you some good stocks to invest for short to medium terms. Tips are never free; lolz :}

So today is the first stock i will tell you to invest for short term (15 to 20 days)

Current Market Price is 157 approx
Target is Rs. 175
Expected profit is 11.5%

But what is the logic behind this upside? Dont worry I will give you the reasons since I am not a trader. I believe in Long Term Investment and I have the reasons for the same.

1. Improved fundamentals with focus on high value business
2. Strong distribution and brand recognition, an edge over competitors
3. Valuation are not factoring the improved fundamentals hence good to keep some.

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